Sunday, August 20, 2006

I visited my neigbour, I haven't visited him for such a long time. And there I see he assembled new components for a hifi system, with some tube amplifier, and big mighty dynaudio speakers. I liked to hear especially songs with bass guitar and drums on them, but at the end I was listening to one organ concert, and that completely blew me away. It was so powerfull that it seemed sound is going up from the floor. From entire area. The organ piece lasted for 25 min approximately, and I went trough the entire spectar of emotions while listening it. I was so moved at the end.

As for running, I went to run laps and ran 13 laps. After 1st lap I swallowed little fly, I tried to cough it out, but was I successful in that - only God knows. 13 laps is about 2 miles, so I am satisfied, I ran very fast, but yet one man was a lap and a half better than me (that is very inspirational, but unimaginable too). That is the reason why I always compete with myself and not with others :)

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