Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A great day today for me :) What a wonderful day (btw, I ran in the evening uphill downhill)

1) I got package of books from my dear friend from USA. I think I've mentioned it before - there is something that I am totally mad about in this world -> books in English, of course :)
2) Serbia played its first football game (now it is not Serbia&Montenegro that was last on World Cup, but just Serbia - colours are different too: red instead of blue, and new coach too - Javier Clemente. He did great job, and so did the players - so we won over Czech Republic 3:1 (Czechs were better in World Cup, and they are respectable team). Way to go Serbia!!!!
3) Today is exactly 3 months of my everyday running and writing this blog, and I still feel like a beginner - exploring the great unknown horizons of running that are in front of me.

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