Saturday, August 12, 2006

Today I went to run later, near midnight, because on TV there was one of my favourite movies: Braveheart. I ran shorter distance than usual and it was nice weather outside.

Today is great day for Serbia. It is after 16 years that we get medal in athletics on European championships. Olivera Jevtić won silver medal in Göteburg today, in marathon race. Her time is magnificent 2:30:27 and it is 26 seconds behind the 1st place. And 50 years ago Franjo Mihalić won silver medal in Melbourne Olympic Games, in 1956. in marathon also, and there were no medals for us in marathon in between. So, it makes this success much bigger. We are all speechless and full of gratitude - Olivera, hvala Ti - Thank You so much for the medal!!! It shines as if it is golden one!

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