Monday, July 10, 2006

Today is 150th anniversary of birth of my hero from childhood Nikola Tesla.

He is a Serb who gave to the world his polyphase alternating current system (can you imagine world without it?). Although his inventions made others billionaires, he died in poverty in his hotel room in New Yorker Hotel.

He was a true incarnation of selfless serving and self-giving to the world, and hero of self-discipline and self control. Everything he did he did for the sake of humanity.

But who can speak more precise of him, than he himself. Here is his article Some personal recollections from Scientific American June 5, 1915.

If you wish to virtually visit museum of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, you can do it by clicking here. Of course there is excellent PBS site about Tesla, which is worth visiting. Or you can watch the movie Tesla Master of Lightning.

When I was very young kid, I remember that I wanted to become Nikola Tesla when I grow up. At that time I did not realise that during his student years he studied every day from 3 am until 11 pm. At least I can try now to run every day - but Tesla, you are still my hero.

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