Saturday, June 03, 2006

It was raining again during the morning, so I postponed running for the afternoon - taking the line of less resitance. I remember that I used to see years ago how people run every day on snow, I was never regular in such way - but it is quite inspiring, and I bet those were people who made good result on marathons - since keys to good running are hidden in regularity, or so it seems.

Yesterday I was strolling trough the art galleries of Belgrade for hours, it is sport that I like most. And, actually I was lucky this time - managed to found a really nice painting of Skadarlija (famous bohemian quarters in Belgrade), it is oil on canvas 13.5x19cm small size, not expensive at all, but with lots of heart in it - picturing this famous street during snowy winter evening, with snowflakes and people, a restaurant and lit lanterns (I see hidden gallery too). Belgrade is very beautiful city - and there is no need to mention how happy I am now to put such painting on the wall in front of my room. Makes great welcome.

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