Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I ran just half of my regular path, because I felt some uneasiness in one hip - slight pain, and did not want to risk anything. Two reasons are there for that - I did not do warming up exercises properly (I have to pay more attention to that) and yesterday evening I was strolling for miles and miles.

Yesterday evening I was walking along the banks of Danube. People were throwing empty plastic bottles to the river, and their dogs would jump into water and swim full of joy to catch those bottles and bring them back. I was walking accross whole Kalemegdan, and even went to one special place from which there is a gaze on scenery made of ancient rocks and blue sky - that my neigbour and I gave it somewhat mystic name "the gate" (I will really have to take a photo of it one day). Play of sunlight and shades on whole palette of green made me understand why Monet decided to paint the way he did. What did our forefathers do without TV, I wonder? They just looked far away to distant horizons - there is great beauty in it. Far, far away.

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