Sunday, December 17, 2006

Okay. I was absent here for 12 days, if you wonder what is happening, here am I to explain. I switched my blog to Google Beta, and I did something wrong so I've lost access to my blog. Uh huh. I thought that it is over with my blogging. But then I emailed people from Blogger Help and they fixed the problem, so I can now post again :) Thanks so much Nick from Blogger Team and all the others of course!

In the meantime I ran every day, but I did not write down about it so I cannot fill in the gaps now. Weather in Belgrade was sunny most of the time, yet now is much colder, I ran mainly to the supermarket, short paths, and once uphill downhill to remember old times. Today I ran to buy some stuff for making pie.

I am so glad I am back to my running diary again!!! Thanks everybody once again.

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